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Democrats Getting 'Cold Feet' As Impeachment Support Evaporates

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

After weeks of secret impeachment testimony followed by public testimony from House Democrats' cherry-picked witnesses, support for impeaching President Trump is sinking.

While witnesses have testified that Trump requested Ukraine investigate former VP Joe Biden for corruption, support for impeachment has decreased significantly, while opposition has increased

According to the FiveThirtyEight average of national polls, support for impeachment has shrunk from 50.3 percent in mid-October to 46.3 percent presently, while opposition has risen from 43.8 percent to 45.6 percent.

Among independents in the FiveThirtyEight average, support for impeachment topped out at 47.7 percent in late October but has sunk to 41 percent over the past three weeks. -The Hill

"After three years, the country was sick of hearing about Russia, and now the average American either doesn't understand or doesn't care about the case we're making on Ukraine," one Democratic fundraiser told The Hill.

Another poll registering declining support for impeachment is YouGov, which has independent support dropping from 39% weeks ago to 35%, while opposition has grown from 35% to 40%.

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