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Robot Wars: Russia's New Fleet of Un-Manned Vehicles Armed With Machine Guns, Flame-


The Russian Armed Forces continue preparations for future conflicts involving large quantities of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, as well as with other robotized platforms.

On November 10, the Russian Defense Ministry's Zvezda TV channel revealed the military autonomous robotic complex "Kungas", which is currently undergoing tests in the 12th Central Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry. The institute was created in the early 1950s for testing military equipment resistance to various damaging factors, including those arising from a nuclear explosion. The experimental base allows for the simulation of a super powerful shock wave and strong electromagnetic fields.

The "Kungas" includes 5 unmanned ground vehicles: a "man-portable" robot, a "light" robot, a "transportable" robot, a Nerekhta combat robot, and a robotic version of the BTR-MDM Shell armoured personnel carrier.