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This Russian TV of Extreme Police Brutality Against Yellow Vests in Paris Will Shock You...

•, Vesti

It has a large number of absolutely shocking videos of very brutal police behavior.

Here is the most comprehensive video of the bunch, a story made by the main Russian TV news channel, Rossiya-1. Transcript follows below.

Another interesting related story is something we ran on Sunday, about how the Russian media are the only ones covering this, and how the Russian channel RT is gaining a strong following in France among Yellow Vest sympathizers, who like most Americans, are completely disgusted with their media, which they believe is lying to them, demonstrably so when it comes to the Yellow Vests. They also use the term 'Fake News media' to describe them: RT Is Popular in France for Covering the Yellow Vests, the French Also Hate Their 'Fake News' Media