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SELLOUTS: Conservative Inc. Bows to LGBT Agenda and Throws Christian Values to the Wayside

•, By Shane Trejo

The official conservative movement, or Conservative Inc. as it is commonly called, has shown its extreme hostility toward traditional Christian values in recent weeks.

Conspiracy-minded author Mark Dice called out Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk after he posted a video of himself chiding an "anti-gay extremist" in what he referred to as a "take down."

Kirk has also appeared at events with Iraq War veteran Rob Smith, a homosexual African-American who is billed as a conservative but has a long history of promoting liberal causes and denigrating President Donald Trump.

Smith and Kirk showed contempt for individuals who questioned why the embrace of homosexuality helps the Right win the culture war at an event in October. This resulted in TPUSA-affiliated serial plagiarist Benny Johnson calling these young Christians "the New Westboro Baptist Kids."