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Dalio & Tudor Jones Warn: "We Will Kill Each Other" If Our Broken Economic System Isn'

• by Tyler Durden

Speaking directly after Connecticut Gov. New Lamont, with whom Dalio is working to bolster Connecticut's schools via a $100 million gift  - the largest charitable gift the state has ever received, PTJ and Dalio largely focused their "Fireside Chat" on the flaws of Fed policy, the dangers of America's ballooning budget deficit, and the steps that must be take to "stop us from killing each other" in a violent revolution, as Dalio warned. 

PTJ spoke first, starting with a few words about President Trump, praising him as "the greatest salesman" to ever enter the American political arena. After all, didn't Trump convince the Republican Party - once the party of fiscal piety - that 5% budget deficits 10 years into an economic rebound are necessary to protect the economy. Similarly, didn't he also convince the Fed - "through great moral suasion" - that returning to real negative rates with unemployment at 50-year lows was a necessity?