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Speed flyers spin and swoop down a Norwegian mountain valley at up to 80mph...


Incredible footage shows speed flyers reaching 80mph as they plummet down a beautiful Norwegian mountain. 

Athletes Jamie Lee and Malachi Templeton were visiting the Sogn Fjord in Norway when the stunning clips were recorded. 

The flight shows Jamie being followed by fellow speed flyer Malachi down a narrow crevasse in the mountain as the pair speed down. 

The footage begins with Malachi launching himself off the rock before he flies down the sheer edges. 

The mountain is littered with sharp rocks and many twists and turns but the experienced athletes reach speeds of up to 80mph and manage to rotate in a barrel-roll type motion. 

It seems Malachi is copying Jamie so that their flips and spins are syncronised. 

The pair then expertly glide in to land on a path next to the lake after the impressive flight.