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French Protesters Brave Debilitating Injuries,

• by Mike Walsh

France is likely witnessing the worst non-wartime bloodshed since the Paris Commune massacre of 1871. Comments from the highly placed in France include, "We have not seen such injuries in France since the war in Algeria,' and "The instructions given to the police by the interior minister and President Macron represent systematic and violent repression."

In the wake of the latest Yellow Vest protests gripping France the injury toll of the worst civil unrest in decades now resembles Civil War. Yet despite pleas from victims, Emmanuel Macron is tightening the screws on the distressed French peoples.

"This is not normal. We are in France, one of the oldest and best democracies in the world," says Fiorina Jacob Lignier, who lost her eye at a demonstration in Paris on December 8. "We usually condemn other countries where this occurs, that this is happening here is unbelievable."