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Elon Musk is found NOT guilty of defaming British cave explorer


Elon Musk has been found not liable for calling a British cave diver a 'pedo guy' on Twitter

Following the verdict, Musk told 'My faith in humanity is restored'

Lawyers for diver Vernon Undersworth - who helped rescue 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave - had argued that Musk should hand over $190 million for the slur 

Attorney Lin Wood said Musk knew most 'reasonable people' would believe he meant 'pedophile' and not just 'creepy old man' as the Tesla boss testified

Wood added the total damages the jury should impose on Musk should be 'a hard slap on the wrist,' and put the figure at $190 million

Musk told the court earlier in the week that he did not have much cash

It has not yet been determined whether  Unsworth will have to pay Musk's court costs