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TeslaCam Saves Model 3 From Getting A Ticket For Lack Of Turn Signal

•, Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

You have already seen the TeslaCam save Tesla owners from bad guys, but probably never from the good guys. At least not in such a direct fashion as this one. To do so, you have to prove you did not break the law, or else, that you are not among the bad guys. This Model 3 driver escaped a fine for not using the turn signal when he actually was only because the video shot by his Tesla came to rescue him.

The video is cleverly edited. It shows and repeats the precise moment in which the turn signal for the left blinks, reflected on the Chevy truck tailgate. If you have not seen it already, have another look at the video in the tweet, and you will have that chance.

"Tesla Crossroads of America" does not specify how or when he had the chance to dismiss the ticket. Probably not immediately after the police officer ordered him to pull over unless he had a laptop around.