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"Eventually The Party Will Stop": Blain's Financial Outlook For The 2020s

•, by Tyler Durden

"It was the era of risk, it is the era of sustainability, it was the age of unicorns, it is the age of wisdom, it was the epoch of renewal, it is the epoch of repair, it was the season of sure fire gains, it is the season of uncertainty, it was the spring of monetary policy, it is the winter of fiscal credulity, we had everything behind us, we have nothing ahead of us.."

The Next Decade: The most exciting 10-years will be the next 10-years.

The global market is a dynamic, energetic and malicious entity. It delights in confounding those who try to understand it. Blain's Market Mantra No 1 states: "The market has but one ambition: to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the maximum number of participants."

The global economy is equally dynamic. It does not exist as a steady-state entity. It is constantly evolving with increasing rapidity. Competition among new unicorns demonstrates what we once held to be constant and forever, is now likely to be done, dusted and obsolescent over a very short-time frame, but also the fundamentals of good, profitable businesses don't change.