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Concealed Carry in Texas Churches Saved Texas Lives

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Kinnunen, who had a history of mental problems, entered the church with a concealed weapon, which he pulled out during church services. Within seconds, he killed two people, Deacon Anton Wallace, 64, and Richard White, 67.

At that point, he was shot dead by Wilson, a firearms instructor who was carrying a concealed weapon.

As I have repeatedly written in the past, mass murderers ordinarily go where they have the best chance of inflicting the most deaths. That would be gun-free places.  For example, in my June 18, 2015, article, "Repeat after Me: Gun Control Doesn't Work," I wrote:

In South Carolina, it's illegal to carry a gun into church. Even people with concealed-carry permits are prohibited from doing so without the express permission of the church. How many people with concealed carry permits are going to go to the trouble of asking for that permission?

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