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The Deep State's Destabilizing False Flag Event Will Be EBOLA!!!

•, By Dave Hodges

The Zogby Poll has predicted that Trump would easily defeat any potential Democratic Party candidate. Hillary is still silent and has not as of yet ridden to the rescue on her white horse and broomstick in hand. The Republicans are outraising the Democrats in financing by over 700%. Therefore, the self-financed campaigns of billionaires of Bloomberg and Steyer are taking center stage. Meanwhile prominent Democrats are shaking in their boots that they and/or their family members will soon take the perp walk over Ukraine. 

The political deficit for the Deep-State controlled Democrats is so great that no amount of cheating can change the outcome of the 2020 election. The real long-term danger to the Democrats is the fact that with four more years, Trump's conservative philosophy will complete dominate the Supreme Court as he could potentially appoint 3 more Supreme Court Justices and the number of Federal judges that he would overturn is astronomical and country-changing.

No amount of election theft can change these realities. Therefore the Deep State has not choice but to initiate a coup. Without a coup, their Bolshevik Revolution will collapse on the launching pad. Governor Northam's game of Second Amendment chicken, complete with his soon-to-be violence enhancing checkpoints is a good first start. However, everyone in the know insists that there must be a nation-wide event, (ie false flag) that will destabilize and totally debiltate the country. A manufactured Ebola outbreak, complete with quarantine provisions and UN troop participation, disguised as humanitarian aid would meet these requirements.