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Australia and New Zealand Show the True Nature of Social Security

•, by Laurence M. Vance

I'm a recent college graduate with my first "real" job. With that comes paying into the Social Security System. My concern is whether or not there will be funds for me someday, especially in light of the recent deficit report.

Bentley correctly observes that "many fear that the money to fund America's Social Security program will run out and a large portion of our population will be negatively affected." Referring to an article about Social Security ("How Much Longer Will Social Security Be Around?") on the website of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Bentley explains where the money for Social Security benefits ostensibly comes from, the projected depletion of the Social Security trust funds, the dilemma that more money is needed for the program while fewer and fewer workers pay into the system, and solutions offered by the AARP to increase the funding of Social Security.

Bentley believes that the "Worried Millennial" will "get Social Security benefits." He maintains that "the government has a moral and legal obligation to pay out the benefits that have been paid in." Although he considers it "highly unlikely" that the government "would ever fail to make payments to those who have paid into the system," he acknowledges that "the value of what is paid out may be devalued and be far less helpful than it has been to past generations."

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