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EXCLUSIVE: Natural News investigation finds shipping LONG EXPIRED superfoods

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Just weeks after the Wall Street Journal published a damning investigation which found was selling literal dumpster trash as new food, a investigation has caught selling long expired, banged-up superfood supplements that look like they were reclaimed from trash dumpsters, too.

As part of our routine purchasing of superfoods and supplements for lab testing in the public interest, we recently purchased "MD.LIFE Grape Fiber Powder 100g" on January 4, 2020, for $13.99. We received the product on January 6, 2020.

The product, which sports a label that says it is from a company called "MD.LIFE" of West Palm Beach, FL, was packed in a black poly bag that was embossed with its expiration date. Shining a flashlight from the side, the embossed print can be easily read. It says:

BEST BY 08/08/18

That means the product expired in 2018, nearly 17 months ago, yet Amazon happily shipped the expired product to customers in 2020.

See the full photo of the actual product here, unaltered except for adding a red circle around the embossed expiration date:

The bar code for the item is X001MKM1B9.

Here's a closeup of the expiration date that's embossed onto the bag:

Dumpster diving for products to sell on Amazon

Last year, the Wall Street Journal sent its own reporters to go dumpster diving behind a Trader Joe's to find expired, discarded products that it could sell on Amazon.

"Late one night several days before the store opened, reporters with flashlights and blue latex gloves visited Clifton, Clark and Paramus, N.J., scouring dumpsters behind outlets such as a Michaels craft store and a Trader Joe's grocery," reports the WSJ. "The bins were a humid mess of broken glass and smashed boxes, a stench of rot in the air. Several products were in original packaging, some soiled with coffee grounds, moldy blackberries or juice from a bag of chicken thighs."

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Among the trash, WSJ reporters found a jar of discarded lemon curd from Trader Joe's. Here are the photos published by the Wall Street Journal, showing how dumpster trash was turned into food products to be sold on Amazon:

As The Journal explained:

The Journal cleaned and packed the three items—bubble-wrapping and taping the curd jar—and mailed them to an Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania in September and October. The Journal completed Amazon's documentation requirements by specifying the items' universal product codes, the numbers next to bar codes on most products.

Amazon didn't ask about the inventory's origins or sell-by dates.

The Journal's dumpster finds were soon up for sale with an Amazon Prime logo, available to millions of shoppers, including the listing for "Trader Joe's Imported English Authentic Lemon Curd 10.5oz" at $12.00.

Natural News investigation turns up yet more evidence of expired, possibly discarded products being sold on Amazon as nutritional supplements