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Geospatial Tracking Monitors Everything that Moves " Including You

• by Technocracy

Social engineers plan to utilize 5G and geospatial technology in so-called smart cities. [The embedded videos in this article present smart cities in a highly positive light. However, if you listen to their commentary with awareness of how this technology can (and will) be used to control all human activity, you will recognize it as propaganda for voluntary slavery. In the name of convenience and so-called sustainability, we are expected to be in awe of technology and grateful for the end of freedom.] -GEG

A key element to total surveillance is geospatial tracking (GeoInt) and monitoring of everything that moves. GeoInt was originally developed by the military for the military, but now it will power Smart Cities around the globe.The embedded videos are critical for you to watch and contemplate. Take them to all of your locally elected officials and show them WHY they should reject Smart City makeover. ? TN Editor