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Blain: Is Donald Trump Just An Extremely Lucky Guy?

• by Bill Blain

Is Donald Trump just a very lucky guy? 

It's difficult to imagine he foresaw, calculated and planned this outcome.  After poking the fire-hornets' nest and picking an apparently insane fight with Iran by assassinating its military leader, everyone feared the worst in terms of a never-ending morass of instability, conflict and terror.  Instead, the Iranian's proved themselves incompetent clowns – successfully managing to miss American troops with multiple missiles, while tragically taking out an airliner instead. Revolution on the streets again. Confidence in the govt is "strained". A revolution is being whispered.  

No doubt Iran's Shiite militant groups will continue to follow every instruction from Tehran, but globally, Iran looks a neutered numpty.  It will have to refocus its efforts on domestic repression.  Chalk one up for Trump.  And more to the point, let's reassess likely scenarios across the Middle East in terms of investment opportunities and outcomes – suddenly it all looks less bleak and possible. Maybe even Aramco will provide Saudi with a base to expand upon?