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Democrats lose their first FOUR battles of Donald Trump's impeachment trial...


Democrats lost the first four rounds in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial Tuesday when the Senate voted down attempts by Chuck Schumer to subpoena a cache of documents from the White House and State Department and witness evidence from Mick Mulvaney regarding the Ukraine - but warned they will grind out their efforts long into the night.

Lawmakers voted down Schumer's amendments 53-47 on a strict party line votes for each – the same party split that divides the GOP-controlled Senate. The votes were held back to back on the first day of the president's impeachment trial.

Schumer wanted to subpoena documents from the administration related to Trump's communications with the president of the Ukraine and on intra-administration communication on the with holding - and later release - of U.S. military aid to the Ukraine. He also wanted White House budget documents about the withheld aid. But his Republican colleagues voted him down - three times.