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Leftists Celebrate 12-Year-Old Kids Getting STD Screenings Without Their Parents' Knowledge

•, Paul Joseph Watson

Leftists are praising a doctor who made a Tik Tok dance video encouraging children as young as 12 to see their doctor about abortion and sexually transmitted diseases without their parents' knowledge.

The clips shows an Asian woman performing a popular Tik Tok dance while text on the screen explains, "You can see your doctor WITHOUT your parent…for birth control, STD screening, STD treatment, for a pregnancy test, to answer your questions about sex."

"And if you're 12 or older, I will (politely) ask all adults to exit for part of the visit to have a CONFIDENTIAL conversation about your health!"

The clip was praised by many, including journalist Yashar Ali, who tweeted, "Love this video too! Doctors on TikTok is my favorite trend."

"Saw these both last week and thought they were both *so* good," said Eric Koch.

"These are all fantastic!! We need more of these," said another respondent.