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REVEALED: The WhatsaApp text from Saudi Crown Prince to Jeff Bezos-

• by Jennifer Smith

In November 2018, Mohammed bin Salman sent Bezos a message with a photo of a woman who resembled Lauren Sanchez

It also contained a joke about negotiating with women which was like 'reading the software license agreement' and 'in the end, you just agree'

At the time, Bezos and Sanchez's romance had not yet been made public

The National Enquirer was however working on a story about it that would be published in January 2019 

That story triggered Bezos' divorce from his wife MacKenzie - the most expensive in history which was settled for $36billion 

Bin Salman had already sent Bezos a video months earlier - in May 2018 - which allegedly hacked his phone

That WhatsApp 'hack' is now being investigated by UN special rapporteurs 

Bezos' team has claimed in the past that Saudi Arabia and American Media Inc - which owns the Enquirer - teamed up against him 

The FBI is now said to also be investigating the hack at the behest of the UN