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Jacob Hornberger-Libertarian for President


January 19, 2020
My interview on the Rebellion podcast
Georgia Libertarian Party state convention
Douglassville, Georgia

January 17, 2020
My Appearance on Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch on Fox Nation

January 16, 2020
North Carolina Reporter Writes About My Campaign
The Carolinian, Raleigh, North Carolina
An African-American newspaper founded in 1940
Column by Carolinian reporter Greg Fray
Wednesday, January 8, 1940, print edition

January 9, 2020
AMA — Ask Me Anything — Reddit

January 6, 2020
The Stump interview, Charlotte Post, North Carolina, 
Jacob Hornberger interviewed by Post editor-in-chief Herbert White.

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Comment by Ed Price
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How about Adam Kokesh for President ( with one variation. Shut the Federal Government down after all the States formally agree to the basic principles of the Constitution and Amendments as they stand. This gives the States control over the only two things that the Federal has legitimate control over: banking and borders. At the same time, it maintains our right to private property - our land, our families, our bodies, etc.

Comment by Ed Martin
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He will still be forcing people to pay for other people's wants.

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