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Vaccine DEEP STATE Behind the Recent Sabotage Attacks on Natural News

• Mike Adams at Natural News

After two days of investigations involving several lawyers and a private investigator, we have identified the source of the attacks on Natural News. It turns out our original fears were not quite right. Rather than "cyber warfare," it turns out that Natural News was the target of industry sabotage. The source of the sabotage is the vaccine deep state, a secretive, fascist cabal of operators with ties to both Big Pharma and the pro-vaccine branches of the federal government (NIH, CDC, FDA). Natural News has now learned that this vaccine deep state has gained control over a federal court and is now issuing secret, extrajudicial orders to tech companies that order them to disrupt or deplatform so-called "anti-vax" publishers and news organizations. It is no exaggeration to say that the vaccine deep state now runs its own secret court system that issues sabotage orders to disrupt independent media publishers.