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Coronavirus and the Dangers of Fake News - Someone is Lying to You

• DarkStar at DC Clothesline

Pandemics are that type of important event, where you need facts. You don't need hype, or emotion, and definitely not fake news. Unfortunately, for you, for me, for everyone, there is a Pandemic spreading as you read this. Tomorrow, more people will be dead. However, nobody is going to tell you how many are ACTUALLY dead. You and I will have NO CONCEPT of how bad this thing is, until it is too late. The Wuhan, China Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is dangerous. Yet it is difficult to tell how dangerous. The first words spoken about it were, "Don't worry. It is not easily spread. There's no human to human transmission." It was only a week before that "It's not easily spread" became, "Watch out, it's potentially spread by coughing". So what they REALLY mean to say is… it is EASILY transmissible via ANY bodily fluids and through the mucous membranes. In other words, HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and deadly.

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