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Getting Colloidal Silver Into the System, Quickly and Effectively

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Inhalation of Silver Nanoparticles Results in "Miraculous" Protection Against colds, flu, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections. Nebulizing is a process by which colloidal silver is run through a small medical device called a nebulizer which turns the colloidal silver solution into a fine mist. This fine mist can easily be breathed into the lungs as its produced by the machine. And from the lungs the body can efficiently and effectively distribute the colloidal silver straight into the blood stream, cells and tissues. Dr. Marcial-Vega has treated hundreds of people with a variety of viral, fungal, and bacterial pneumonias. And of all the available treatments, he has seen the greatest success with nebulizer treatments using a colloidal silver preparation. Nebulizers are an excellent way to deliver potentially life saving medication directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, eliminating the need for a drug to be metabolized via the digestive system.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Yipee! No more vaccinations necessary. Just gimee the medicine, and I'll put it in my nebulizer > in greater quantities than ever.

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