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Breaking: Ukraine Begins Naval Blockade of Crimea…NATO Awaits Russian Retaliation


Ukraine is creating a marine enclosed area around the entire territory of the Russian peninsula of Crimea, intending to create a blockade of this region, and not allow any attempts to even get closer to Crimea. The closed area will be controlled by the Ukrainian fleet and aircraft, which, obviously, indicates a new complication of the situation in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

"Ukrainian officials intend to block the marine approach to the annexed Crimea. For this, the State Hydrography of Ukraine state institution is working on the creation of a marine sensitive area around the peninsula, the purpose of which is to prevent foreign vessels from reaching the coast of Crimea. The initiative of the State Hydrography of Ukraine on the establishment of a marine sensitive area was supported by the Ukrainian Navy and the State Border Service. Now the authors of the project are waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The State Hydrography of Ukraine explains: the border of the marine sensitive area will pass along the contour of the peninsula at a distance of 12 miles (more than 22 km).