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Palestinians dismiss Donald Trump's Middle East peace 'Deal of the Century featuring a TUNNE


Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East peace 'vision' Tuesday afternoon with embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side - saying there would be a 'two-state solution' with a tunnel linking the West Bank to the Gaza Strip.

'My vision provides a win win solution for both sides,' the president said to great applause from the pro-Israel audience at the White House. 

Trump said it was a 'vision for peace, prosperity and a new future' for both Israel and Palestine as he spoke in the East Room of the White House, reading from a teleprompter and declining to take questions. 

Netanyahu called it the 'deal of the century' but in Palestine, the president, Mahmoud Abbas dismissed it as 'the start of the century.' 

The White House pointedly did not call it a 'plan,' and Trump himself said Netanyahu had agreed it was a basis for 'negotiation.' But there was confusion over exactly what it was with Trump also tweeting that it was a 'plan.'