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Ep. 1169 Stunning Connections Exposed in the Schemes to Take Down Trump

• Dan Bongino - Bongino.Com

In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the players behind the Ukraine/impeachment hoax, and past anti-Trump hoaxes. One of the connections is to a known, liberal mega-donor. I also address the real motives of the Democrats calling for witnesses.

News Picks:

The IG report proves the spying on the Trump campaign was extensive.

Interesting piece which connects some dots between the players in the Ukraine/impeachment hoax.

This May, 2019 article highlights some devastating connections between George Soros funded groups and the Ukraine players.

Is the impeachment hoax really a scam to block the nomination of a potential Supreme Court Justice?

President Trump proposed a major Middle East peace deal as the media frothed over impeachment.

Defusing the mass hysteria over the Bolton leak.

The RNC released a devastating new ad highlighting CNN's nonsense.

Trillion dollars deficits will continue into the future.