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Take a look inside the longest drug tunnel ever found on California's US-Mexico border

• The Sacramento Bee

Federal officials called it "the longest illicit cross-border tunnel ever discovered along the Southwest border."

Stretching nearly a mile, this tunnel is more than 1,000 feet longer than the next longest tunnel discovered in the area — a passageway 2,966 feet long that was found in San Diego in 2014, officials said.

The tunnel, which originates about half a mile west of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, was found in late August 2019 — and after that, Mexican authorities worked with the San Diego Tunnel Task Force to map the sprawling passageway, relying on technology, community outreach and intelligence gathering.

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Do it legal. Buy a cheap ranch that extends on both sides of the border. Then, make it into a Private Membership Association. Next, let a bunch of Mexicans who want to come into the USA join as private members. Being private, the doings within the PMA are outside of Fed Gov purview. Let the illegals enter the Mexican side of the ranch, and exit the USA side, driving PMA cars out into the public in the USA (make sure they are trained, well). All private. Take Gov to court for messing with private vehicles. --- Now, use your imagination to figure out where to go from this point.