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MIND GAMES Elon Musk wants to connect your BRAIN to a computer...

•, Charlotte Edwards

The kooky billionaire believes his brain interface tech will turn humans into a genius super race.

Musk has been has been developing the technology, called Neuralink, because he thinks humans must become one with machines in order to survive being replaced by artificial intelligence.

His plan to "save the human race" involves wiring computer chips into our minds to merge us with artificial intelligence.

Last July, Neuralink revealed plans to use lasers to shoot holes in skulls and feed threads of electrodes into the human brain.

It declared this was a potential way of connecting the human brain to machines.

Musk has previously claimed that the updated version of Neuralink may be "in a human as soon as this year".

A concept design of Musk's updated vision has not yet been revealed, nor do we know if it will even work.

However, Musk is optimistic and thinks the device could even be used to "restore brain and motor functions".