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Scientists SHOCKED As Galaxy Goes DARK! - The Ancient Mystery Of Inter-Dimensional Consciousness

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The galaxy XMM-2599 existed about 12 billion years ago. Creating 300 billion suns, the galaxy was massive and then suddenly one day went dark.

This brings to question the fundamentals of the universe in general and has perplexed scientists and astronomers.

In this video not only do we break this strange story down, but we go into the frequency of the universe, thought, consciousness, who we really are. Are we just computers taking in vast data and calculating the data?

Soon, people will have to admit that we know absolutely nothing about the universe and hopefully this will send us on a journey to properly decipher the universe around us with an open mind. The ancients mapped out the stars and were incredibly innovative when it comes to building to the stars. What did ancient civilizations know so well that we have simply forgotten today?