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Bombshell Report: Trump's Staff Blacklisted By Networks From Sunday News [Video]

•, Jessica Ripple

Grisham revealed in an interview with Hannity that not even Fox News would take them for Sunday news.

Why would even conservative news outlets blacklist the Trump administration's officials from speaking on Sunday after such a big week? The biggest news right now is that Trump was acquitted from impeachment charges but we also have State of the Union business to talk about. As well as global efforts to end things like human trafficking, border progress, and Trump's recent victory at stifling the misuse of government aide by immigrants.

What about the coronavirus and overall job improvement?


Instead, RedState reports that most news agencies lined up Democrats to speak to. Dems, who overplayed their hand with this impeachment nonsense and have held up progress on a National scale in their pursuit to unlawfully take Trump down.