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Revisited: The $28,000 Tesla With a 440-Mile Range?

•, By: Geoff Shelley

"Tesla was not founded to make expensive cars or to make luxury or high performance cars.  This is a misconception that comes up all the time.  It's perhaps understandable based on the cars that we've built to date.  But it is not our mission.  Our mission is to make cars that everyone can afford and to change the electric mobility equation, so that essentially every vehicle could have the opportunity to be electric."

JB Straubel, Oct 15 2015, University of Nevada

An Affordable EV?

The question gets bantered about from time to time asking, when will there be a more affordable EV? The $35,000 Tesla Model 3, along with the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Niro EV are steps in the right direction. But, $35,000 is still beyond the budget of many people.  In 2018 the average SRP of the 10 top-selling non-truck vehicles was about $24,000.

We have to wonder, when will we see an EV priced below $30,000? A $28,000 sticker price would be more competitive with non-luxury IC vehicles. Such a vehicle would make owning an EV more accessible to millions of additional buyers. A well-designed vehicle around this price point would drive EV adoption to the levels that many of us would like to see.

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