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"Angry People Will No Longer Be Afraid" - 1000s Of Chinese Miltary/Police Quarantined...

•, by Tyler Durden

Earlier today we highlighted the aggressive censorship that is underway in China to keep "control of the narrative." Sadly, the citizens that were charged with trying to keep "control of the people" were potentially treated even worse as The Epoch Times reports, thanks to a lack of information (or perhaps withholding) from Beijing, thousands of soldiers and officers of the People's Liberation Army, as well as police have been diagnosed with the deadly virus and are currently under quarantine.

It is reported that dozens of military and law enforcement have been diagnosed with the new virus, and thousands are being quarantined.

A staff member at the Central Theater General Hospital (Hankou Hospital) in Wuhan confirmed armed police officers were hospitalized.

 Among them, 1,500 Chinese soldiers and 1,000 armed police are being quarantined, and China Human Rights and Democracy Information Center, headquartered in Hong Kong, reported on February 10 that 10 CCP soldiers and 15 armed police have been diagnosed with the new virus in Hubei province.