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Corey Feldman Explains Why (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys Is Only Being Shown Once


 He provided fans with E-ticket information, a release date and a poster, confirming that the movie was indeed on its way very soon. Perhaps the most shocking thing about the entire reveal is that it will only be shown one time. Many have questioned Corey Feldman's motives in making a documentary that can only be viewed once. Taking to his official Twitter account, Corey has now broken down the reasons behind showing his powerful new movie one single time.

Corey Feldman was having trouble finding a distributor for his Truth documentary. And Netflix, who seems to pick up every wayward release with any interest behind it, declined to stream the movie. Feldman claimed the popular app deemed the movie 'too dangerous'. And that is another reason why Feldman can only afford to stream this one time for the entire world to watch at the exact same moment in history. The movie will stream at 8pm in Los Angeles. Anyone else in a different time zone will need to check which time they'll have to log on and watch simultaneously.

Showing the movie in this type of venue has never been done before, at least Corey Feldman doesn't believe so. Here, he will be able to name names without any cover up, allowing everyone to view the movie at the exact same time, making their own initial judgements on it without the interference of the media. The E-tickets will cost $20 apiece.