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Ron Paul Gives Donald Trump's Presidency a 'C-Minus' Grade by Ron Paul

• Ron Paul Institute - Adam Dick

During a new Fox News interview, Watters' World host Jesse Watters asked former United States House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul to give President Donald Trump a grade based on Paul's evaluation of Trump's actions as president concerning three major policy areas. In regard to those policy areas — immigration, economic, and foreign policy, Paul said Trump has earned "C-minuses" across the board.

Despite entreaties by Watters for higher grades, Paul would not budge from his assessment.

Watch here the complete interview in which Paul discusses some of the reasoning behind his grading of Trump's presidency:

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Comment by Ed Price
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Ron Paul is very good for a politician. But he is just a politician, unless he is just media. If he were on the side of the people, he would talk about what the people can do about just about all the laws they don't like politicians putting in place. It's called jury nullification. If Ron Paul really were for the people, he would explain how folks can place any law on trial and how the jury can repeal it for a locality. And he would explain it over and over and over, possibly with every video or speech he makes.