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Are They Burning Dead Bodies In Wuhan,

• by Bill Sardi

A marginally credible website (UFO Spotlight) has over a half-million views for its chilling OMG report that states the true magnitude of China's coronavirus outbreak, when unmasked, is unfathomable.  (This author is not posting the exact URL over concern for the spread of more misinformation.)

Said to originate from an interview of a Chinese intelligence officer, who says he is in grave danger, because this infectious disease outbreak is being used to consolidate political power and control over their population and that sources inside the U.S.A. are complicit with this hidden agenda, namely to manipulate and control thinking patterns of its citizens and strike a terrifying level of fear that gets the masses to do what their overseers demand.

The story says there is no coronavirus.  That was all made up to cover for the horror that resulted from a toxin that was mistakenly released.  This report talks of 21 vials of some sort of transmissible and invisible aerosolized nerve agent that was in the process of being handed off from Chinese to CIA-western security agents when it was dropped at an open market and began to spread.