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Does Bill Barr, having accomplished virtually nothing after a full year...

•, by Vin Suprynowicz

It wasn't enough when the formerly "mainstream" commentariat (many still pretending to be "objective reporters") increasingly turned their shrieking to the "inappropriateness" of President Donald Trump even COMMENTING on the corrupt career DOJ prosecutors who have spent the past four years trying to drive him from office, settling when necessary for trying to bankrupt his associates with crippling legal costs and then jail them for years and years for the same highly dubious "lying to the FBI" charges that netted a 60-day slap on the wrist for James Wolfe, chief leaker of the Senate Intelligence Committee (who faxed the CLASSIFIED crooked Carter Page FISA warrant application to the pudgy press stenographer he'd been humping, though he wasn't even charged with THAT crime — Thanks, Jessie Liu! Thanks, Bill Barr!)

(You do understand the four Mueller prosecutors "sandbagged" Bill Barr, lying to "main justice" when they claimed they were going to seek a more normal sentence for Roger Stone, then recommending a massive 7 to 9 years in order to FORCE Bill Barr into appearing to "meddle" in the case to demand a "more lenient" sentence, allowing the Deep State TV propagandists to claim he did so "under orders from Orange Man Bad" . . . right?)