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Court Says Removing a Police GPS Tracker From Your Car Isn't Theft

• by Kim Zetter

Back in 2012, the US Supreme Court declared it was illegal for law enforcement to attach a GPS tracker to a suspect's car without first getting a warrant. But in 2018, cops in Indiana charged a suspected drug dealer with theft after he removed such a tracking device from his SUV, triggering a legal debate over whether you can legally remove such devices.

As it turns out, you most assuredly can.

A new unanimous ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court has declared that the suspect in question did not "steal" the government-owned device, and that law enforcement should have known better before bringing the charges.

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Comment by Ed Martin
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"The court went on to admonish Indiana law enforcement, suggesting that officers should have known better than to lean on such a flimsy excuse for probable cause." The court should be admonished for suggesting that "law enforcement" is not retarded.

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