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Infowars Interviews Dave Hodges Regarding the True Nature, Origin and Lethality of the Coronavirus

• Infowars

Recently Dave Hodges appeared on Infowars. The topics discussed included the following:

1. The New California 51st State Movement

2. The general nature of the Coronavirus

3. A sudden increase of "Infectons" (ie Chinese nations) showing up at the Southern border

4. The coronavirus is most likely a bioweapon that China did not have the expertise to produce 

5. The possible/likely complicty of forces within the United States that transferred bioweapons to China (eg Hunter Biden)

6. How the Coronavirus will impact the global/national economy

7. How the Corona virus will impact America's health and well-being especially those with chronic health conditions requiring medication

8. The Communist Chinese Party's motivation for carrying out a bioweapons attack on its own people

9. The nature and composition of mandated Martial Law Medical FEMA Camps for those suspected for "catching" the virus

10. The Defense Minister's (Wei Fenghe) declaration of the intent to eventually use "race-specific bioweapons" on the United States in order to wipe out as many Americans as possible.

11. Provided documentation that the World Bank has taken out Class A and Class B bonds as insurance against a "pandemic" and what this means in the short-term and long-term economic and financial health of America

The interview can be accesed here

Please note the interview was interrrupted for a breaking news report. To hear the Dave Hodges portion of the interview, it can be accessed at the following time breaks:

Part 1:   1 hour 24 minutes- 1 hour and 42 minutes

Part 2:   2 hours - 2 hours and 5 minutes