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Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling...

•, By Bill Sardi

COVID-19 Coronavirus is as much an ecological disaster as it is a medical one. Initially it appears to be a unique experience centered in Wuhan, China.  It emanates from an environment of incinerated pig waste, airborne particles, and low vitamin D blood levels in winter, and weakened immune systems, particularly among smokers, drinkers and the elderly.

It is believed both the Spanish flu of 1918 and the COVID-19 coronavirus began as zoonotic (animal to human) infections. Not from bats as first reported in the Wuhan COVID-19 outbreak, but rather from pigs, and pig waste.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic began in the midst of an infectious pig slaughter of undiscovered cause, a few hundred miles from Camp Funston, what is Fort Riley today. Similarly, the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak began in the Wuhan, China area in the wake of a massive kill-off of pigs who were dying from African Swine Flu.

Viral outbreaks arise in winter, but so does tuberculosis.

Some types of mycobacteria do not have cell walls and can mimic the appearance of a virus under the microscope.

Antibiotics cannot be used for viruses. If a virus, then why aren't antiviral drugs working but antibiotics are?

COVID-19 coronavirus may just be a "passenger virus," not the primary microbial organism that kills by filling the lower lungs with fluid.

Both the current Wuhan COVID-19 coronavirus and tubercular mycobacteria do not tend to infect or cause serious disease in young children roughly 5-12 years of age.