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Have We Brewed a Whirlwind?

•, By Paul Craig Roberts

We can see the public's distrust of public authorities in the negligent response to the coronavirus.  The refusal of public authorities to stop incoming flights from infected countries has brought the dangerous virus into the Western World where inaction has so far prevailed.

Many virologists and other experts have criticized the inaction for seriously endangering the public.  I recently posted some of the expert statements made to public health authorities.  See Belgium and Germany.

The refusals of public officials to take protective steps partly reside in ideological positions.  In Europe it is the European Union's commitment to open borders and one Europe.  Closing the borders goes against the ideology that nationalism is the problem.

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Comment by Ed Martin
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This will happen when people are duped into believing that there is someone who is good enough to rule over them. How's that concept of "public property" working out for you?