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Advanced Nuclear Reactor News

•, by Brian Wang

TVA has yet to decide whether to actually construct such reactors at the site and, if so, what technology it would use. Should TVA decide to build SMRs at Clinch River, it would need to apply separately for an NRC license to build and operate them.

2. Finland has today announced the launch of a project to develop a small modular reactor for district heating. Most of the country's district heating is currently produced by burning coal, natural gas, wood fuels and peat, but it aims to phase out its use of coal in energy production by 2029.

A report in September 2017 evaluated completely decarbonizing the Helsinki metropolitan area energy sector through the use of advanced nuclear reactors.

The model used in the Helsinki case study anticipates future annual energy use in district heating at 8 TWh, electricity at 12 TWh and 4 TWh of hydrogen for transportation fuels. Although several advanced SMRs are in development and coming to market by 2030 that could meet the specifications, the study selected models to consider: the HTR-PM pebble-bed reactor currently being constructed in China and Terrestrial Energy's Integral Molten Salt Reactor.