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Relax! San Francisco's cannabis dispensaries are declared 'essential' and will be allowe


San Francisco's cannabis dispensaries have been told they can stay open despite the city going into lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak.  

The Department of Public Health (DPH) announced in a tweet Tuesday afternoon that cannabis dispensaries can continue to offer delivery and pick-up services across the city because marijuana is classed as an 'essential medicine'.  

The decision to make the drug stores exempt from the city's shelter in place order means both residents who use marijuana for medicinal purposes and those who use it for recreational reasons can continue to get high during the pandemic.  

The move backpedaled on previous rules which had shuttered the stores on Monday, when San Francisco went into lockdown to slow the spread of the virus.   

The city's information page on the lockdown stated on Monday and for much of Tuesday that 'recreational retailers are not an essential service' and The Office of Cannabis had told dispensary owners they must close.