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Libertarianism Is the Only Solution for Healthcare and the Coronavirus

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

No more medical licensure. No more government regulation and management of healthcare. A total free-market healthcare system, one that is totally free of government regulation, control, or management.

In a larger context, we have been saying: No more mandatory charity programs and the taxes that fund them. Abolish the income tax and the FICA tax. Leave people free to keep everything they earn and decide for themselves what to do with their own money. A system based on 100 percent voluntary charity. No more coerced compassion or caring.

Throughout those 30 years, there have been people who have said to us, "You all are just too radical, Jacob. What you're calling for is utopia. You need to be practical. People are not ready for liberty. Give them small bites. Do it gradually and incrementally. FFF needs to settle for putting out public-policy reforms that make our system work more efficiently. Support of FFF will increase."

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Comment by Ed Price
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A properly prepared PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION (PMA) should be able to take you out of the system. HOWEVER, to be proper, the PMA needs to be the legal channel to non-legal privacy. In other words, the legal has to say what it has to say in ways that legal people recognize that the privacy is even outside the legal-ness of the PMA.

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