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"Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste"

•, By Yvonne Lorenzo

Rahm Israel Emanuel interview with the Wall Street Journal.
While there may be shortages of toilet paper in America, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's column   "Freedom in a Time of Madness" made perfectly clear that authorities in America are at least metaphorically using the Constitution in its place, tyrannically attacking basic human freedoms and rights in the guise of promoting "the greater good" and saving lives. And the headlines as I write this on March 20, 2020 show this dreadful loss of liberty is intensifying in America and throughout the world:

CA Governor Issues State-Wide "Stay At Home" Order, Warns 56% Of Residents Will Be Infected: Live Updates
Gov Cuomo Orders "100% Of Workers To Stay Home" As New York Rolls Out Restrictive New Measures To Combat Outbreak: Live Updates
14 Million Americans Have Been Laid Off So Far Due To COVID-19
The Home Lockdown Survival Guide—Staying Healthy, Sane, & Solvent During The COVID-19 Crisis
In images: effects of COVID-19 on landmarks around the world

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