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Cases SURGE in New York & Is a 2nd Stimulus UBI Coming Already?

• Change the News - Like Rudkowski, Tim Picciott

In our third video of the day, Luke and Tim dive into all of the day's biggest headlines not covered so far.

These include:

* New York's sickness death toll jumps 100 in one day.
* Cuomo admits his decision to quarantine all at once wasn't best strategy.
* Oxford study indicates millions have already built immunity to virus.
* 14% of Recovered virus patients test positive AGAIN in China.
* Hospitals Consider Universal DNRs for patients with the sickness.
* US Marine tests positive & Pentagon announces 1st case.
* US military is withholding infection data.
* Bill Ackman made $2.6 Billion betting against the markets.
* Nancy Pelosi hints that $2 Trillion is just the beginning.