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The Foundations for Liberty

•, By Bionic Mosquito

Truth of the world around us – both material and being – must come together into a consistent whole.  It is metaphysics that stands as the discipline to carry this burden.

Here, I am writing of ethics and liberty.  Rommen describes the first principle of ethics: good is to be done and evil is to be avoided.  But what makes an action good or evil?  On what basis?  It is determined, Rommen offers, "from the essential being of the rational, free, and social nature of man."

Many libertarians will agree on the rational and free part.  While they might recognize the social part, they do not find a place for it in their thin theory of libertarianism – taken, by many, to be the complete theory supporting liberty.

Some years ago, while I was well on my way through this journey but still just beginning, I faced just such questions: what of society, what of community?  These questions cannot be dealt with from a strict reading of the non-aggression principle, but they must be dealt with if one is after liberty.