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Freedom is the Answer. What's the Question?

• Change the News - Rudkowski - Picciott - Sneisen

In our third video of the day, Luke, Tim, and returning guest economic historian John Sneisen dive into the day's news that they hadn't covered in the other videos.

Buckle up! Because this video all boils down to international government overreach.  

In the US, Florida police are now stopping cars from New York and screening them for sick passengers. Italy has restricted travel across counties. In Spain, people are restricted from going into their yards. And in the UK, people are being chastised for going on walks in nature. These are but a few examples of the worldwide government overreach that are almost certain to lead humanity into a dystopian future.

Ultimately, the guys conclude: Decentralization, not centralization, is the answer, and that is because freedom is always the answer, regardless of the question.

Thanks so much for watching and please be sure to check out our other videos both here on Change the News and on We Are Change.

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