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WEF Confirms Link Between Pandemic And Climate Change Agenda


The entire world is taken in by this chicanery but the strategy is crystal clear: destruction of the existing economic system will pave the way for Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. 

While saving human lives is always a noble end, the destruction of the global economy in doing so will result in orders of magnitude more deaths and untold human suffering.  ? TN Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has elicited a global response unlike anything we've seen before. From government and business taking on new roles to respond to the crisis to the complete re-organisation of how we work, travel and socialize, we have witnessed transformational changes that didn't appear possible just weeks ago. The human costs of the pandemic are horrifying, but the response has largely been characterised by care, compassion and connection – and an unheard-of pace of change.

What happens over the coming months could go one of two ways.

There is a risk that as the immediate crisis wanes and its economic consequences become clearer, we cast aside longer-term aspirations in pursuit of short-term easy fixes, many of which would have adverse environmental consequences.

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