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For Your Convenience, Safety And Enslavement – How To Stop It

• By H8St8 at

By H8St8 at

It will take 20-weeks for your pacification check to arrive. Does that seem like a ridiculously long time, even for government? Are THEY creating another problem for you, after destroying your income? Are THEY anticipating your reaction while boarding up windows of businesses? Their solution is ready, waiting for everyone to clamor for it amongst the financial and societal chaos.

Digital wallets for everyone, will deliver your $1200 far sooner and more "conveniently". Soon, without one you won't get your money at all.

Digital money in a digital wallet won't have the coronavirus on it, for your "safety". Never mind that you have to use a keypad which has been touched far more in any given day than the cash it will replace. It's also very convenient for the taxman, bankster fees and "law" enforcement. Without your digital money you won't be able spend the way you have been.

All of your accounts will be linked to your digital wallet for "convenience". They can even be absorbed into it for more "safety", at some point done automatically for you. All your eggs will be in one basket.

Accessing through non-contact means, like your phone/tracking device would be so much more "safe". Where you go and what you spend in one convenient data stream. Without your tracking device, you will then be broke.

RealID cards, mandated throughout the USSA by 2020, are also "dirty" and inconvenient. No problem. Converge it onto your tracking device, with voice print, facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning identification too, for "security". Without your tracking device you then become nobody.

People may be carrying "dangerous" germs. It would be so convenient and safe to know the status of everyone around you. What is their vaccination status? Where have they been? What have they done? Who have they contacted? Their score from their tracking device will be displayed on your tracking device with alarms for when you're not paying attention. Without a high enough score, you'll become a modern day leper.

You should have "nothing to hide". They want the use of any form of encryption or unauthorized transmission from your tracking device to become a "crime". Everything transmitted is already being gathered and would then be readable. You would have no privacy while your tracking device is on.

Theft and assault is already increasing because of the economic collapse. A score from the police state indicating propensity for "criminal" behavior would supposedly increase your "safety". You'll be alerted about any dangerous tracking device nearby. A signal indicating the location of this "threat" is automatically sent for your convenience. A high "criminality" score will eliminate your ability to safely carry a tracking device or function in society at all.

The greatest threats to society will become the deviceless. If any of the multitude of cameras or other tracking equipment detects a person not transmitting their tracking signal and social scores, it will generate the highest possible warning to everyone around and notify the "authorities". To avoid false alarms from devices, even in your own home, it could become a crime to have your tracking device turned off at any timeYour privacy will be completely gone.

At this point, everything is known by THEM about you. You can only do what is allowed to avoid serious consequences. You must do as you're told or be punished. You are completely enslaved.

All of the technology described above exists today. The last big hurdle is the needed bandwidth, which 5G will provide. That is why it's so important to THEM, regardless of health consequences. There are too many people anyway, according to those giving all this "convenience" and "safety" to you, good and hard.


Act like an imbecile and help flood the digital wallet system with help requests. Make it unworkable.

Demand your pacification money be transferred to a legacy account which you can access or be provided in cash. If they try to refuse, make a scene in the bank. Sow discontent about digital wallets.

Keep little or no money in the banking system.

Invest in physical things that will retain value

Get some crypto

Hack the digital wallet system to destroy its credibility, if you know how or have inside access.

Remove your banking apps from your tracking device and don't install any others

Remove all personal identification apps from your tracking device, including: fingerprint, face recognition, voice, etc.

Refuse to install any electronic ID apps.

Remove and refuse all health related apps

Cover the cameras on your tracking device whenever you aren't using them.

Keep your tracking device GPS disabled except for the rare occasions you actually need it.

Only turn on your tracking device when needed. Occasionally collect messages.

Put your tracking device inside privacy cover that blocks all signals and doesn't allow it to be turned back on remotely.

Use encrypted communications as much as possible, like Signal for messaging and calling.

Don't use your tracking device for social networking unless absolutely necessary, like when documenting abuse of "authority" or any other real crime with an actual victim. Otherwise, do it at home on your PC.

Destroy government owned surveillance cameras whenever possible.

Make facial recognition very difficult or impossible by wearing a mask, now that its becoming common, with sunglasses, a hat and hair over your ears.

Do not get any 5G devices.

Destroy 5G cells and towers whenever possible


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