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Hayek and a Long-Term Plan versus the Smashing of Anthony Fauci


What really has us doomed, is that all of these problems "are indeed the result of human action, but not the execution of any human design" This is the inevitable result of massive economic ignorance. Not only is the libertarian world just focused on complaining about "the bad guys" and how they are oppressing us instead of focusing on the massive economic ignorance that makes such oppression inevitable. Without Hayek and like-minded people who showed that the market order is the result of an evolutionary process instead of our reason or design, we keep focusing on the wrong things...We cant solve a problem of economic ignorance by making it a moral one... MIses warned:

"The problems involved are purely intellectual and must be dealt with as such. It is disastrous to shift them to the moral sphere and to dispose of supporters of opposite ideologies by calling them villains. It is vain to insist that what we are aiming at is good and what our adversaries want is bad. The question to be solved is precisely what is to be considered as good and what as bad. The rigid dogmatism peculiar to religious groups and to Marxism results only in irreconcilable conflict. It condemns beforehand all dissenters as evildoers, it calls into question their good faith, it asks them to surrender unconditionally. No social cooperation is possible where such an attitude prevails."